Patti Wilson

Patti started her successful career in interior design, staging and renovating homes for sale and quickly fell in love with the “knock’em down, tear it up” process of full on renovations. “I love the challenge of envisioning ‘what could be’. It could involve tearing down walls and starting with a blank slate; moving the non-functioning and outdated kitchen to the other side of the house, borrowing space from the spare bedroom behind the extremely small master bath to create a luxurious master bath retreat, or re-purposing a sentimental piece of furniture”…..Whatever the scope, it means ‘thinking outside the box’, so if you’re looking for cookie cutter design schemes, Patti Wilson Interior Design may not be what you’re looking for.

Patti isn’t shy about the fact that she doesn’t have any formal accreditation in interior design, but feels that her passion, flair and natural talent for creating beautifully designed spaces, with a twist of the unexpected, speaks for itself. Her love of colour, layering of fabrics and use of wallpaper and moldings create unforgettable design features.

“99% of new clients come from past client referrals and that is very endearing to me. I am very grateful for the trust my clients have in me, and the fact that they feel comfortable in recommending me to their family and friends”.

Patti’s warm personality, sense of humor and endless energy help clients feel more at ease during what can often be a disruptive and stressful time. She spends the time to get to know her clients, their goals and objectives and encourages a collaborative approach. “I feel projects are much more successful when client’s are given the opportunity to stretch their creative wings.”

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